Of Invitations

Moving along in the calendar, I completed an online RSVP for an engagement party. You see, back in the old days, when we wanted to announce a family occasion, we sent out professionally made invitations. (Think of all those innocent trees!) We hired a professional calligraphy expert to address the envelopes. And, those wanting to send gifts would either send a check or call up the gift registry at the national chain store. Oh, and don't forget the small fortune spent on postage in both directions! Our kids will never believe that we used to do it this way!

If you have any event coming up, it is worth visiting Paperless Post. It allows for instant notification as to how many people are coming. It allows everyone to write something cutesy on your wall & post pictures. They can order gifts directly from the wedding registry. There is no postage cost either.

We should continue to share good times!


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